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  • Stop the knots.

    This is where Sound Pockets steps in to help. We’ve made it our goal to “stop the knots” and let you use and carry your earbuds with your iPhone as easily as possible. Sound Pockets is the storage solution for your iPhone earbuds.

  • Protect your phone.

    When you buy your iPhone, Apple gives you a great pair of earbuds but gives you nowhere to put them. There’s nothing to wrap your earbuds around to keep them tangle free; no case to store and protect them; they’re just there waiting to get lost, scratched, or tangled up in knots.

  • Tangle Free.

    Knots. They’re great for keeping things tied together, but not-so great for listening to music. Since the inception of headphones and earbuds, knots have been their evil nemesis, creating tangles and headaches every time you just want to listen to music.